Mother Nature is Not Trying to Kill You: A Bushcraft Survival Guide


Living With Mother Nature?and Other Things Learned in the WildPrepare for all the worst case scenarios nature throws at you with Mother Nature is Not Trying to Kill You ?the only survival kit you need to overcome wildlife, natural disasters, and everything else outdoors.
Survive the unexpected. So there’s a snake slithering by your sneakers. What do you do? Bear behind the bush? Do you run or play dead? A shark is circling! Do you swim away or punch it in the nose. Many of the situations we all fear, but never think to prepare for, are presented in Mother Nature Is Not Trying to Kill You, a guide to surviving the unexpected.
Whether your worries involve grizzlies, vampire bats, or an overly curious wolf pack, this wildlife survival guide enables you to confront the natural world with skill and confidence. Authors Rob and Haley Nelson have been through it – from being circled by sharks to swimming with piranhas. With countless anecdotes and invaluable “what to do” advice, they will leave you with a newfound understanding and appreciation of nature and its inhabitants.

On knots, poisonous plants, and bushcraft. Featuring most of the wildlife that could kill you, this survival guide is your crash course for ultimate wildlife disaster management. Whether you’re preparing for an ocean swim or camping trip, Mother Nature is Not Trying to Kill You enables you to confront the natural world with skill and confidence. This wilderness survival guidebook also includes:
•Pop culture examples like Jaws and The Goonies
•Nature and science-packed stories and narratives
•Diagrams, survival tips, and more!

If you enjoyed books like Bushcraft 101The Worst Case Scenario, or SAS Survival Handbook, then Mother Nature is Not Trying to Kill You is your next read!

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About The Author

Rob Nelson is a biologist and Emmy award-winning science communicator who currently acts as the director of the non-profit, Untamed Science. He’s also hosted over 30 TV shows on Science Channel, Discovery, Animal Planet and Nat Geo. Rob’s passion is educating about the natural world, mostly via compelling visual stories. He also encourages people tell their own stories and is author of the book “How to make science and nature videos” and “Mother Nature is Not Trying to Kill You.” He hosts a popular Youtube channel called StoneAgeMan.

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