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Much of my life has been spent enjoying the great outdoors in Nova Scotia, Canada.  My favourite jobs, sports and other recreational activities were always outdoors.  As a kid, I was always playing in the yard, at the park or biking around the city.  Through my university years at St. Francis Xavier and Saint Mary’s University, I planted trees in Spring and Summer for the forestry industry.  The hard work involved in tree planting is notoriously difficult.  It often involved 10 hour days hauling heavy loads of trees through kilometres of clearcut wastelands in scorching heat, driving rain, bitter winds and even snow.  There was nowhere to take shelter so the only choice was to quit (as most people do in the first day or two) or keep powering on.  I learned a lot of invaluable lessons about my physical and mental limits.  I eventually thrived on the challenges and became one of the most productive planters in the entire operation.  Other than those valuable lessons, another thing that stuck with me was a feeling of disgust from seeing the abhorrent treatment of our environment.  Spending each day in remote clear-cuts, hidden from most people’s view, felt like living in a dystopian future reality that I do not want to see come to fruition.  Anytime thereafter that I went out into unspoiled nature, I was filled with a new-found appreciation for its beauty.  These early days played a big part in why I created HalifaxTrails.ca and why I enjoy working on it to this day.

Why Shop Here

Since creating HalifaxTrails.ca in 2009, I’ve learned a lot about Nova Scotia’s great outdoors.  With all the time I spend outdoors including the crucible summers of tree planting, I’ve learned what gear works and what doesn’t.   I know what is worth having, what isn’t and what aspects make a product indispensable.  I’m sharing these lessons in the form of this online shop.  I either own, have used, or done extensive research on everything listed on this site.  I add more items as I test gear myself, or come across trusted research.  I try to list a good mix of both low-cost and high-end items that meet my standards so weekenders and professional adventurers alike can be pleased with their purchases.   I don’t have any endorsement deals or ties to any brands or products (unfortunately) so I am impartial in that respect.

Purchases help support the work I do on HalifaxTrails.ca either directly from my own products, or by a small commission on Amazon Items through the Amazon Affiliates program.  The “photo art” section showcases some of my favourite photos that I’ve been compiling throughout my years documenting Nova Scotia’s great outdoors (see my full collection at Multimedia.HalifaxTrails.ca).

Thanks for helping support my work!

Happy Trails,

Greg Taylor – www.HalifaxTrails.ca

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