Since creating HalifaxTrails.ca in 2009, I’ve learned a lot about Nova Scotia’s great outdoors.  With all the time I spend outdoors including my crucible summers of tree planting, I’ve learned what gear works and what doesn’t.   I know what is worth having, what isn’t and what aspects make a product indispensable.  I’m sharing these lessons in the form of this online shop.

     I own, have used, or done research on everything listed on this site.  I add more items as I test gear myself, or come across trusted reviews on new products.  I try to list a mix of budget-friendly and professional quality items.  Weekenders and seasoned adventurers alike should find this shop a great resource.   I don’t have any endorsement deals or ties to any brands (unfortunately) so I am impartial with my selections.

     Purchases support the work I do on HalifaxTrails.ca either directly from my own products, or by a small (5%) commission on Amazon Items through the Amazon Affiliates program.  The “photography” section showcases photos I’ve been compiling through my years of documenting Nova Scotia’s great outdoors.  See my full galleries at Multimedia.HalifaxTrails.ca.  and contact me to request a print of any photo.

Thanks for your support!

Happy Trails,

Greg Taylor

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