Flint Striker


Relying on matches or a lighter isn’t wise. Everyone should have a flint striker in their pack.

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The SparkForce is the compact version of our StrikeForce yet retains the same high performance. This flint-based bar will ignite a wide range of tinders and can light hundreds of fires. Striker is built into a detachable cap to protect the flint and prevent accidental sparks. Less than one ounce, slim design fits comfortably in your pocket.

Ultimate Survival Technologies SparkForce Flint Bar
Orange spark force
Compact high performance flint based bar
Striker built into detachable cap (attached with lanyard) which protects flint and prevents accidental or unintended sparks
Will ignite a wide range of tinders including WetFire Tinder
Sparks can be generated in rain or other adverse weather conditions
High visibility compact orange ABS case only weighs an ounce


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