Waterproofing Spray


A must-have.  Spray it on your tent, backpack, rain jacket and other gear you want to be waterproof.  I’ve used it on cheap tents and other gear with questionable waterproofing qualities and it worked like a charm during rainstorms.  Replenishes the water-repellent finish on your gear, without affecting breathability.

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  • Patented, award-winning formula restores water-repellency to synthetic outerwear in a spray-on application.
  • Provides high-performance waterproofing while maintaining fabric breathability.
  • Easy, spray-on application effective on all waterproof breathable laminates, coatings, and microfibers.
  • Recommended for all waterproof/breathable laminate fabrics, including Gore-Tex, Ultrex, Entrant, eVENT and Triple Point
  • Water-based and Biodegradable. Contains NO fluorocarbons (PFCs) and NO VOCs

High-tech Cleaning

Cleaning your wet weather gear is important! And what you use to clean it is mission critical. Household detergents leave behind residues that attract water. This can reduce waterproof performance. Be sure to use technical cleaners for your waterproof clothing to ensure the best performance possible.

Environmental Commitment

All Nikwax Products Are :  PFC-Free; we have never used PFC’s in our products.  Water_based; our water-based products are designed to be applied in a washing machine, they are easy and safe to use at home.  Aerosol_free; saving tons of pollution per year.  Biodegradable; we place great importance on not leaving behind compounds that are environmentally detrimental.  Carbon Balancing; as of the end of 2017 our operations have been carbon balanced for 40 years


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