Ultralight Food Bag Hanging System


  • WHY THE SELKIRK SYSTEM? Have you ever tried tying a rope around a rock, tossing it repeatedly, breaking branches, and finally getting to hang your food from a branch? It’s not fun. Instead, put a few rocks into the Rock Sok and use our 2-to-1 pulley system to quickly & easily hang your food.
  • HOW EXACTLY DOES IT WORK? Put a couple rocks in the Rock Sok, tie off the rope and easily toss it over a branch. Then our 2-to-1 pulley system makes it as easy as possible to raise your food. The ropes and carabiners act like a pulley – meaning you only need half the pulling force to raise your gear.
  • WHEN WOULD I USE ONE? The Selkirk Design System is perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking, back country fishing, etc. Anytime you have the need for a bear sack, you can use this kit to hang your food & gear safely on a branch. The Rock Sok only weighs 6.5OZ, so you can carry it anywhere.
  • PEACE OF MIND – Finally, a peaceful night’s sleep or a worry free day hike away from your camp without the concern of waking up to or returning to a ramsacked campsite.  Whether it is bears, wolves, cougars, raccoons, or even your dog and kids – easily hang your valuables where only you can retrieve them.
  • 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee! WHAT IS INCLUDED? 1 Bearbag, 1 Rock Sok, 2 Ropes, 2 Carabiners & Waterproof/Tearproof Instructions.

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More Questions You May Have:

Q: How much can the Selkirk Design Ultralight Food Hanging System lift?
A: The Ultralight Food Hanging System can lift up to 100lbs.

Q: The carabiners say “up to 150lbs”, why can it only lift 100lbs?
A: The Ultralight Food Hanging System creates a “2 to 1 mechanical advantage”, so you lose some of the lifting ability but you are able to raise your amount with half of pulling force.

Q: What is a 2 to 1 mechanical advantage?
A: A 2 to 1 mechanical advantage means it takes half the pulling force to raise a given object.

Example: If you have 30lbs of food & gear you need to raise, it will only take 15lbs of pulling force to raise it.

Q: Can the Dry Sack be used for water activities like kayaking and canoeing?
A: It can be, but the Dry Sack is designed for Backpacking and other backcountry activities and is not intended to be submerged in water if possible.

Q: How strong are the ropes
A: The rope is rated at 275lb breaking strength.

Selkirk Design Ultralight Food Bag Hanging System, Selkirk Design

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