GSI Outdoors Crossover Kitchen Kit

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  • •Completely integrated kitchen set has every utensil for any gourmet backpacking trip.
  • •Lightweight tote keeps everything organized and nests within nFORM Crossover System Cooksets.
  • •Pivoting tools rotate from stored to working position.
  • •Waterproof shaker modules screw together to keep spices dry and flavorful.

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The nFORM Crossover System represents a unique solution of ingenious tableware chefs tools and cookware items designed to eliminate the guesswork of packing for the outdoors. Thanks to clever details like pivoting utensil handles which store compactly while remaining strong a modular quad compartment waterproof spicer and a clever tote with separate wet and dry compartments which allows everything to nest within nFORM Crossover System Cooksets the nFORM Crossover System has been designed to answer the needs of true outdoor gourmands. la carte or in preconfigured sets the nFORM Crossover System is redefining outdoor function with everything that you really need to cook clean up spice store and enjoy great food in the great outdoors.


  • Camp towel compact scrapper dish soap dispenser and scrubbing pad make cleaning quick and easy.
  • Camping Style: Car Camping Gourmet Backpacking.
  • Subcategory: Kitchen Sets + Tools.


  • Weight: 9.6 oz.
  • Material: Copolyester Nylon 6 6 and Polyethylene.
  • Dimensions: 7.3inx3.7inx4.3in
  • Includes: Compact Scraper Scrubby Pad Cutting Board Pivot Tongs Pivot Spoon Pivot Spatula Spicer Soap Bottle Oil Bottle Camp Towel Tote.

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Height: 429, Length: 728, Weight: 60, Width: 370






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Gsi- Outdoors Crossover Kitchen Kit


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1 review for GSI Outdoors Crossover Kitchen Kit

  1. Greg

    I’ve been the hero of many camping trips with this kit.  Small & lightweight with everything you need for meal prep and cleanup.  Worth it.

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