OPSAK Reusable Odour-Proof Storage Bags – 12″x20″, 2 Pack


  • •CAMPING MUST – Food and hygiene items attract bears and critters, odor-proof your campsite with OPSAK. This outdoor essential can be filled with boiling water to cook food, with soapy water for washing, and more.
  • •ODOR IN, ELEMENTS OUT – Odor stops here! Discreetly carry or remove waste, cigars, food, and more. OPSAK uses the same hermetic seal as aLOKSAK to keep odour from escaping.
  • •KEEP FOODS FRESH – Prevent air-sensitive foods from getting stale, keep them sealed and fresh, chips, crackers, coffee beans, and more. No more freezer burn on stored foods.
  • •2 LEVEL SEAL – Patented 2-level seal and durable film stays sealed under pressure. To test, place an air-filled bag underwater. A few bubbles are normal, but a steady stream indicates a malfunctioning seal.
  • •MULTIPURPOSE PROTECTION – This leak-proof, airtight seal can protect medical supplies, store precious metals, tools, liquids, documents, and more.
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OPKSAK Protection

OPSAK bags are an enhanced aLOKSAK, as they are not just waterproof but also odor and vapor proof. So if you’re going camping, you will sleep peacefully knowing your food is stored in “bear-proof”, state of the art storage bags. OPSAK is the cutting edge product in a class of its own—Why?—it allows you to enjoy your camping experience rather than worry about attracting bears that would normally smell the odors from traditional storage containers.

Hermetic Seal, an absolute airtight seal prevents the re-entry and release of air and micro-organisms, allowing you to open and use the OPKSAK without worry.

Product Features

  • Protects Against Microscopic Particles like Dust and Sand
  • Traps Odors Inside the Re-sealable Lightweight Bag
  • Recyclable and Reusable
  • Made in the USA

Protection from Water, Humidity, Odor, and Weather




Odor Proof

Store food undetected to bears and other pests in your campsite by sealing it in the OPSAK bag. OPSAK is safe to use in food preparation and storage, you can even add boiling water to it to cook or re-hydrate food.

Technical Specs

  • Hermetic Airtight Seal – Preventing the Re-entry or Release of Air and Micro-Organisms
  • 5 mil Patented Film Technology with Barrier and Odor-Proofing Capabilities
  • Can Withstand Direct Heat Up to 170 Fahrenheit
  • Food Safe Materials


OPKSAK is waterproof up to 60 meters /200 feet and allows the full use of your smart device touchscreen. Now you can use your camera while swimming or diving without fear of water damaging your device.


Barrier Bag

OPSAK bags are re-sealable and proven to be odor-proof. Whether you are camping, traveling with a baby or adventure racing, these light-weight storage bags will make for a safer, more pleasurable journey.

  • Prevent odors and vapors from escaping, to keep animals away
  • Protect medical supplies from sand, humidity, and water
  • Store precious metals. Silver will not tarnish and tools will not rust
  • Documents, photos, and collectibles will remain safe and ageless
  • Travel with liquids in an OPKSAK to prevent leakage
  • Stored food will be safe from melting ice
  • Wet wipes will stay wet
  • No freezer burn

OPSAK Reusable Storage Bags - 12"x20", 2 Pack, LOKSAK

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