Titanium Spork

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My go-to eating utensil.  Sturdy and lightweight with multiple uses, this high-quality spork can replace all of your cheap utensils.

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  • ✔ 3 in 1 SPORK PRODUCT WITH WASHABLE CLOTH CASE: finessCity Titanium Spork unlike normal Sporks not only have a Spoon Knife set but at it’s handle you have strong Bottle Opener as well. These Titanium Sporks are reusable and last years. It comes with a washable Premium Quality Cloth Case that keeps them safe and away from dust and contamination. They are resistant to Acid & Alkali & won’t rust.
  • ✔ SUPER STRONG & ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT: These Titanium Spoon Fork piece are very Sturdy & Lightweight and easy to handle. They are 100% Titanium, Each set is just 0.7 oz / 20 gm in total weight. This Spork set, camping spork better than any metal spork as these ones are made of Titanium. The Dimensions of the Spork Titanium is 7.5inch/ 19cm in length. As it comes with Bottle Opener which you can use anywhere.
  • ✔ DURABLE, DISHWASHER SAFE, HEALTHY & ECO-FRIENDLY: These Camping Spork set are Corrosion & High-Temperature Resistant. They are dishwasher safe and reusable, these Environmentally Friendly set are not toxic. There is no aftertastee on the and they are also non-allergenic , odorless & flavorless. finessCity sporks titanium are much better than any Plastic/ Wooden or Stainless Steel Spork. These are also 100% FDA Food Grade Titanium (Ti).
  • ✔ PERFECT FOR TRAVEL, CAMPING & EVERYDAY USE: These metal spork are easy to use and handle Camping fork spoon Spork set. They are not only just good for Camping, as they comes with a drawstring bag that makes it easy to carry during Travel, office or keep it in your car or even to carry with you for Picnic with the family. You can also use them at home or carry them to wherever you like, to your work place or school, college. You can also use it at any national/ international travel.
  • ✔ NO-RISK MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Due to these Sporks being made up of titanium these will last for years. So you’re protected by our 90-DAYS, no-questions asked ironclad MONEY BACK GUARANTEE that is backed by our world class customer service.
  • You want to buy something light as feather which doesn’t add much weight to your Kit?
  • Looking for a High Quality Spork?
  • Tired of using those low quality plastic spork at home or outside and wants to help the environment by reducing the landfill?
  • A Spork which can last years of rugged usage?

If The Answer to Any of the above is YES, then you have come to the Right Place

Your Very Own finessCity Premium Titanium Spork With Bottle Opener!!!

  • These finessCity Titanium Spork With Bottle Opener are environmentally friendly, so once you have them, you aren’t going to use any other spork while on the move. Let’s save some trees.
  • You can use the Bottle Opener when outside. As it got hole near the bottle opener you can clip it in Carabiner as well. This set works great for all places & occasions doesn’t matter if it’s home or Outside.
  • Our Spork comes with Washable Cloth case which is Black Color, It keeps your Spork safe and away from all the dust and impurities.

Best Outdoor Titanium Products, We Do Stand Out from Others!!!

All our Products are made out of 100% Titanium. They are –

  • Light as Feather, Strong & Corrision Resistant
  • It’s Environmentally Friendly & Healthy, DIshwasher Safe & Bacteria Inhibition

Doesn’t matter what the outdoor occasion, they are perfect for each of them: 

  • Looking for lightweight products to carry on your next camping trip?
  • If you are with your family & kids eating healthy food in a picnic outdoors or doing barbecue then use our healthy environmentall friendly products to compliment it.
  • When we do Trekking or Hiking we like to carry things which occupy the least amount of space in our backpacks. Our products are specially designed to keep that in mind.
  • Either you Doing Mountain biking or sightseeing in the City, Carry our Spork, Cutlery Set, Chopsticks or Mugs as per your need.


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