Sea To Summit X-Cup


A cup is something I always keep in my bag, but I always found that regular cups always take up too much space.  These cups solve that problem and more.  They take up very little space, weight next to nothing, and are marked for measuring.  Coupled with a bowl, stove and a spork, I’ve got a camp kitchen that fits in the palm of my hand.

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  • Unbreakable, folds flat for compact packing
  • Calibrated as a measuring cup
  • Food grade flexible silicone
  • BPA free

Sea to Summit X-Cup The compact X-Cup is perfect for smaller hands or just smaller amounts. At 250mL or 1 cup, it can also be used as a measuring device. It is constructed from a flexible, European standard compliant, food grade silicone. A rigid ring within the rim keeps it sturdy and easy to drink out of but still allows the cup to be collapsed into a flat disk that will fit almost anywhere.


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