Titanium Long Handle Spoon with Polished Bowl & Waterproof Case


  • BIGGER POLISHED BOWL WITH MATTE FINISH HANDLE: The polished bowl is bigger than other spoons and gives a nice smooth feel whereas the Matt finish makes for perfect grip.  100% Titanium, 0.9 oz/ 25.5gm in weight.  9.65 inch/ 245mm Length, Polished Bowl is 1.57 inch/ 39.9mm wide.
  • WATERPROOF CASE MAKES IT PERFECT FOR TRAVEL & OUTDOOR USE:  Washable, Premium Quality Waterproof Cloth Case keeps it dry & clean.
  • LONGEST HANDLE TO REACH DEEP END OF BAG OR COOKWARE: finessCity Long Handled Spoons are Extra Long with a 9.65-inch length that is longer than any other Spoon.  The longer length makes it easier to reach to the bottom of your freeze-dried food bag.  Also, you won’t burn your hands while using them as a stirring utensil.
  • STRONG, LIGHTWEIGHT, DURABLE & DISHWASHER SAFE: Titanium Spoon Set is Sturdy, Lightweight & easy to carry.  Dishwasher safe, non-toxic and Env-Friendly.  Non-allergenic, odourless & flavourless.  100% FDA Food Grade Titanium (Ti) & resistant to Acid, Alkali & won’t rust at all even after extensive usage.
  • Also available in a spork (click Buy Now for options).
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As a seller of Titanium products, we saw a need for a better, longer and bigger Titanium Spoon.  We realize lot of customers were not happy with their existing spoon….

– Doesn’t reach the bottom of their freeze-dried food bags.
– It’s not helping them while they cook in bigger pots.
– The bowl isn’t wide enough to hold enough food.
– Can’t be used as a soup spoon, carrying 2 spoons instead of 1.
– Low-quality case, or no case at all.

So we decided to work with our engineers and designed a spoon which looks similar to others but has solved most of the problems people encountered.

– finessCity Long handle spoon is 9.65 inches / 245 mm long, almost 1.5 inches longer than others.  This will help you to reach the bottom of your Dehydrated Food Bags without making your hands dirty
– Now with a longer handle, it’s easier to use it in larger pots without burning your hands.
– We have made the polished bowl a bit bigger in size so that it can hold enough food for a normal bite.
– The bowl is deep enough to hold liquid so it works as a soup spoon, no need to now carry 2 spoons.
– Waterproof case, keeping it dry and clean.


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