Magical Flames: Creates Vibrant, Colorful Flames for Wood Burning Fires! (10))


  • -USE INDOOR & OUTDOOR: Perfect for campfires, bonfires, indoor fireplaces, backyard firepits and any woodburning fires!
  • -EASY TO USE: Simply toss 1-3 unopened pouches into fire to enjoy a brilliant display of colour!
  • -BRILLIANT COLORS: Packets produce vibrant, rainbow coloured flames.
  • -LONG LASTING: Enjoy colourful, magical flames for over an hour!
  • -FUN FOR EVERYONE: Adults and kids alike will love watching flames turn from basic yellow and orange to deep and vibrant hues of green, blue and purple.

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Magical Flames are the perfect accessory for any wood burning fire! Simply toss an unopened packet or two on the fire and enjoy hours of rainbow flames! Entertaining for all ages. Don’t forget to bring them camping or to the beach for a bonfire! A must have for all outdoor activities, especially for those warm summer nights! Add colour to your fire! Throw 1 to 3 pouches into a fire and watch the flames magically change colours. Can be used in both indoor and outdoor fires. A unique way to enjoy a brilliant display of colourful flames on wood-burning fires. A single pouch provides a rainbow of colours, including dark & light blues, purple, red, green and yellow. Use on Camp Fires, Backyard Fire Pits, Indoor Fireplaces, For All Wood Burning Fireplaces.


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