Tick Remover Tool Kit


  • –The first line of defense against Lyme and other tick-borne conditions, for both humans and pets.
  • –Includes three specially designed tick removers: Fine point tweezers with a built-in magnifying glass, small tick twister bar, large tick twister bar. The tools in this kit remove ticks from humans and pets like dogs, cats, and horses. A handy reference card with step by step instructions on how to remove ticks with the tools is also included.
  • –Also includes first aid items to treat any bites, such as cleaning wipes, bandages, and gauze. Plus, two plastic collection vials to securely store ticks for submission to labs for testing.
  • –This small 6×4″ sized kit is ideal for storing in your car, RV, trailer, purse, travel bag, backpack or anywhere else you would need to possibly remove a tick. Order multiple kits to keep in multiple locations!
  • –Doctor and veterinarian approved. Removing ticks with proper removal tools is one of the best ways to prevent health issues like Lyme Disease.
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Ticks are everywhere, not just in forested areas. They are in grass, shrubs, rotting leaves, etc. and are active (and feeding) as long as the temperature is over 39F (4C). Unless you live in the desert or the arctic, there are likely even ticks in your backyard.

Protect yourself and your family with ‘The Ultimate Tick Removal Kit’. This comprehensive kit contains 3 tick removal tools: a sharpened fine point set of tweezers with a magnifying glass and two tick twisters (crowbar style tools). It also contains two tick collection vials so you can securely store the removed tick in order to send it away for testing. Plus, it contains basic first aid components like bandages, gauze and cleaning wipes to help clean the bite and reduce the likelihood of Lyme, etc.

The unfortunate fact is that many people assume you can just squish a tick, or pick it off with your fingers, or even pour essential oils or alcohol on it. These are all myths and doing so can result in the tick regurgitating its stomach contents into your bloodstream, which is how Lyme and other conditions occur.

Only ‘The Ultimate Tick Kit’ has purpose-built tick remover tweezers and two sizes of tick removing twister bars, plus everything you need to treat a tick bite, in one easy to store or carry package.

Protect yourself and your family! Keep an ‘Ultimate Tick Kit’ in each car, recreation vehicle, hiking bag, kids backpack, purpose anywhere else you might find yourself needing to remove a tick. These kits were expertly designed by Lyme sufferers who want to ensure that the public knows the potential danger of ticks, and provide the tools to remove them properly!

Tick Remover Tool Kit For Humans And Pets. 3 Tick Removal Tools for Lyme Prevention Plus First Aid, Tick Kit

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Tick Remover Tool Kit For Humans And Pets. 3 Tick Removal Tools for Lyme Prevention Plus First Aid

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