So You Think You Know Nova Scotia – Quiz Book


Even the most ardent trivia buff won’t be able to answer all 1000 of these questions without searching for the answers. We double-dog dare you to give it a try.

From which beach is pictured on the front of the Nova Scotia health card, to which famed American gangster was said to be a regular visitor to a small fishing village on the province’s South Shore during the era of prohibition, to what Nova Scotia bank was said to have been the site of the first recorded bank robbery in North America in 1861, these questions will stump even the most ardent student of all things Nova Scotia.
And there is more. Who was Nova Scotia’s first Black doctor? Or, who was the Nova Scotia-born inventor who made kerosene in the 1850s and is now known as the father of the petroleum industry? What was the name of Nova Scotia’s first convicted murderer?

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So You Think You Know Nova Scotia: From the files of Nova Scotia's most eclectic collector comes the ULTIMATE Bluenoser Quiz Book

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