Mosquito Coil Holder (Set Of 2)


The best way to use mosquito coils.  This holder contains the coils so they don’t break, get blown away, or have to worry about them burning through other objects. It’s also a good way to carry a coil in your backpack and protect it from breaking into pieces.  A safe way to burn coils without worrying about starting accidental fires.  Allows you to place the coil anywhere, including hanging it up.

  • •Includes a Set of 2 Mosquito Coil Holders.
  • •The easy, convenient way to burn Mosquito Coils or incense. The Glass fiber + Fire retardant nets hold coil firmly and allow the coil to burn completely & safely.
  • •Can be hung up or laid flat allowing each Coil to burns for 5 – 7 Hours.  Design protects coils from inclement weather and allows coil to burn at a regulated pace, giving off the perfect amount of smoke. Once coil burns out simply release the latch, twist tin cover to open, and dump the remaining ashes from the bottom tray.
  • •Each Coil Holder Measures 5.35″ inches allowing it to fit most spiral Mosquito Coils or refills.
  • •This Coil holder can be used outdoors. Perfect for, Patios, Decks, porches, Poolside areas, Backyards, Picnics, Travelling, Camping trips, and any outdoor activities.

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     The W4W Mosquito coil holder comes with 2 units in each pack. Designed with a fire retardant Fiberglass net on each side, the net secures the coil in place to ensure it doesn’t move around. The aerodynamic design of the mold allows the coil to receive the perfect amount of air to keep it burning at a slow and steady pace, however maximizing the amount of smoke the coil can generate.

     The W4W coil holder has a twist and lock closure along with a latch you snap closed in order to ensure that the Coil Holder is securely fastened. Now you can take your mosquito coil with you and deflect those irritating gnats and flying mosquitoes anywhere you go.  Equipped with a keychain type hook this allows you to hang it on your porch or any place you like, or you can just simply lay it on its surface.

     Measuring at 5.35″ inches, our Coil Holder fits most spiral Mosquito or Citronella coils. Light-weight and durable, great for travel, or to take on a hike, camping, on your patio, poolside, picnics, hunting, boat trips, and anywhere outdoors.

Mosquito Coil Holder (Includes Set of 2 Holders), W4W

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Coghlans 8688 Mosquito Coil Holder


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