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Your support will allow me to continue furthering my objectives:

  • Inspire healthy living and an appreciation of the natural world through outdoor activity.  “Nature Therapy” has been shown in many studies to be the best thing you can do for mental and physical health.  One of the best rewards I get is knowing my work has helped people experience this fact.
  • Bring recognition and support to local volunteer organizations, groups, unsung heroes and causes.  Those who take the time and effort to construct, maintain and protect our natural assets.  I use my growing social media influence and the guides on my website to spotlight activism.
  • Explore, map, photograph and post new guides for all of the parks, trails and outdoor adventure destinations in Nova Scotia.
  • Put Nova Scotia on the map of the best ecotourism destinations in the world.  Help encourage a modern, sustainable green economy based on our unique natural assets.   Attract new citizens and business to our region and put us at the forefront of a modern, green economy.
  • Develop a mobile app. 
  • Upgrade hardware and software to improve productions.  These items are on my wishlist of things that would allow me to create top-quality productions.  What I’ve been able to create so far is on my own shoestring budget, with very basic equipment.
  • Eliminate the need for advertisements on the website.


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