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Trees in Canada is celebrating its 100th anniversary (1917 to 2017)
with a redesigned reprint that has a modern look. It features a striking new cover and an easier-to-read, engaging content with a new font and standardized photographs many of which bleed.

Two new species were added to the book, bear oak (Quercus ilicifolia (Wangenh.)) and swamp cottonwood (Populus heterophylla L.), and minor taxonomic changes were made.

The standardized photographs, a highlight of the redesigned Trees in Canada, make it easier for users of the book to identify trees, and contribute to a splendid redesign of this widely consulted and cited reference.

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Trees in Canada is a guide to the many tree species, both native and introduced, that are found throughout Canada and the northern United States. It evolved from the popular Native Trees of Canada, which for 8 editions and over 75 years provided information on trees in non- technical language and in an easy-to-use format. Trees in Canada includes descriptions of introduced species that are commonly planted or naturalized.

The text has been reviewed by forest science specialists across Canada and in the United States.

A Reader ‘s Guide shows how the book is organized and explains technical terms.

The author has ingeniously organized the more than 300 tree species into 12 groups based mainly on leaf shape and arrangement along the twig. The features that define the 12 groups require little botanical knowledge to recognize and are easily observed.

An identification key inside the front and back covers comprise an icon (a stylized drawing) for each group, a statement of the group ‘s essential features, and a numbered thumb tab, which allows rapid entry to the group. Dichotomous keys for the groups and large genera and winter keys for broadleaf trees and deciduous conifers are also provided.

The comprehensive and well-researched text of Trees in Canada is complemented by nearly 600 colour photographs and 1600 drawings of features useful for identification of the tree species.  Also included are 136 range maps and colour maps of Canada ‘s forest regions and plant hardiness zones.

Trees In Canada is the most comprehensive book on the trees of Canada and the northern United States ever published and is an essential tool for the amateur naturalist and forest science professional, landscape architect, student, or teacher, and a collectible for all those fascinated by trees and forests.


“This comprehensive book on the trees of Canada makes identification easy.”
— The Examiner (Peterborough, ON)

“If you are looking for an excellent guide to help identify trees in Canada and to learn more about them check out this comprehensive, easy-to-use guide. Highly recommended!”
— Glenn Perrett, noted writer and environmentalist.

About the Author

John Laird Farrar(1913- 1996), Ph.D., M.F., B.S.F.,
devoted nearly 60 years of his life to the study and advancement of forest science. A graduate of the University of Toronto where he was the first Canadian winner of the Schlich Memorial Prize, Dr. Farrar worked in the forest industry and later with the Canadian Forest Service before serving as a flight lieutenant in the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War II. In 1955 he received his Ph.D. from Yale University.

His appointment in 1956 to the Faculty of Forestry, University of Toronto, marked the beginning of a long career as an educator of forest science. One of his many accomplishments was the development of a comprehensive course on the morphology of trees.

A well-published author, John Farrar was also the first editor of the internationally prestigious Canadian Journal of Forest Research, a post he held from 1970to 1981. Trees in Canada was completed a year before he died. This comprehensive volume on Canada’s trees reflects the spirit and intellect of a truly great scientist and teacher.

Trees In Canada (Hardcover), Fitzhenry and Whiteside

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