Luminoodle – LED Light Rope & Lantern


  • •VERSATILE: Plug this waterproof light into any portable USB battery pack or USB port and hang, drape or stick it nearly anywhere for a beautiful, bright light.
  • •BEAUTIFUL, WIDESPREAD LIGHT: Hang the string lights in a tree to see while you make your way around camp or wrap it around your favorite power bank and place it in the nylon bag to make a handy LED lantern.
  • •BE PREPARED: Keep this in your emergency kit so you’re never without light, put it in your glove box to stay safe in case of an auto breakdown or drape it around your kids while you take a walk at night.
  • •INCLUDES: 5ft, all-weather LED light rope and Lithium 4400 battery pack. LED light rope produces 180 lumens of light, includes reusable utility ties, magnets, and a rip-stop nylon carry bag — an essential camping accessory.
  • •1 YEAR WARRANTY: Power Practical offers a one year warranty on this light strip kit with friendly, easy to access customer support.
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Luminoodle - The Original LED Light Rope for Camping - 5ft Waterproof USB Powered LED String Lights + Lantern for Hiking, Safety, Emergencies, Power Practical

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