Buff Headwear Thermonet

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A very versatile Winter layer best used as lightweight, moisture wicking, comfortable neck warmer.  Keeps those cold winds from blowing down your neck and sapping all of your warmth.  Doesn’t lose its warmth when wet. Made from eco-friendly materials.

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  • Primaloft
  • 4x warmer than Original Buff
  • Offers excellent moisture control and breathability, even during high intensity activities
  • Soft, seamless and high-stretch for comfortable fit and 12+ ways to wear
  • 70% of ThemoNet yarn fibers are created from recycled PET bottles

ThermoNet® is a novel fabric woven with yarn developed in collaboration with our partners at Primaloft®. Years of research and testing have resulted in this thin, high-stretch, lightweight and durable fabric. ThermoNet® is 4x warmer than an Original BUFF® without any extra bulk. ThermoNet® is the perfect insulating yet breathable piece for those of us who refuse to let the weather get in the way of our active outdoor lifestyles


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