Biodegradable Wet Wipes (40 singles)

  • IDEAL FOR POSTERIOR PAMPERING! Let’s be honest, embarrassing to walk to the toilet while camping with a roll of toilet paper in hand. Everyone knows what you’re going to do! Why not carry one or two wipes in your back pocket and make everyone believe you are just out for a leisurely stroll.
  • UNSCENTED! Remove grime, remove sweat, remove odor! But don’t coat yourself in fake flower fumes! Because our wet wipes are Unscented, you’ll be able to bath yourself from head to toe without smelling like a dead daffodil!
  • NOT JUST FOR HUMANS! Yes, we all enjoy a stroll with our pooch and they love the dirt. Clean up the woof before they get back in the car with our Large Wipes. Your dog will love you, and you will enjoy the ride back home in a clean car.
  • TRAVEL WIPES! So you want to be healthy and cycle to work but work up a sweat while doing so? Don’t worry! Grab one of our lightweight and portable wipes to stay clean and refreshed! Commuting to work on your bicycle is fun; enjoy nature and the wind in your hair. Don’t fret over a bit of sweat, our wipes have you covered. Your co-workers will probably appreciate too…
  • BIODEGRADABLE! Our wipes are tested, unlike some other wipes out there… The Surviveware Wipes start to degrade after 28 days and are gone in a year! Try it for yourself. Bury one of the wipes in your garden and see if you can find it after 6-12 months, we dare you! Normal Wipes are a huge problem for the environment, they take up to 100 years to degrade because they are made from plastic. Ours are made with 100% natural viscose fibers. Leave no trace behind and always take your trash with
  • •A BUZZFEED FAVORITE! Still sitting on the fence on which wet wipe stands out from the competition? Surely wet wipes that make Buzzfeed’s “List of products for people who like instant gratification” will seal the deal? So go ahead and add our wet wipes to your cart because it will be true love at first wipe.

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At Surviveware, we think preparedness, we live survival, we care about the environment. We just wouldn’t sleep soundly knowing our wipes might do damage to the Earth when they are buried. The same can’t be said of some of the other brands out there.


Our founders have traveled the world and they know that staying clean and fresh during a trip is key. Showers are not always accessible, so you need large and strong wipes to keep you refreshed.

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EAN List Element: 0619775286375






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Height: 140, Length: 790, Weight: 105, Width: 460




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Surviveware Biodegradable Wet Wipes for No Rinse Bathing & Shower- Great For Camping, Travel & Body Cleansing – Vitamin E, Aloe, Flushable and Unscented – Ideal for Personal Cleaning and Hygiene


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UPC List Element: 619775286375

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