SPOT GEN3 Satellite GPS Messanger


  • •Service subscription required. Plan starting at USD 199.99/yr.
  • •New tracking options: Now you can choose the rate of tracking that suits your adventure (2 1/2, 5, 10, 30, or 60 minutes).
  • •Compact and lightweight; Weighing only 3.2oz. (with batteries), it packs easily for traveling.
  • •Motion-activated tracking: Now your SPOT knows when you’re moving and when you stop to make camp. When SPOT Gen3 senses you’ve stopped for an extended period of time it will stop sending track messages until you start moving again.
  • •Long battery life: Choose from Lithium or rechargeable batteries; or line-power the unit through its USB port.

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     Spot Gen3’s customized tracking features take your SPOT experience to the next level. Only with SPOT Gen3, is tracking motion-activated regardless of the level of tracking you choose (Basic, Unlimited or Extreme). A vibration sensor tells your SPOT to send track updates when you are moving and to stop when you do. (This is a great new battery-saving feature! And, you don’t have to remember to re-set your tracking after 24 hours.)

New Tracking Options:

Unlimited Tracking Set it and forget it. Pre-set your SPOT Gen3 to send tracks at the speed of your adventures. Change your tracks to send every 5, 10, 30, or 60 minutes. SPOT Gen3 will send tracks at your chosen rate for as long as your device is turned on and moving (no need to re-set after 24 hours). Tracking doesn’t stop until you do.

Extreme Tracking Get all of the great features of Unlimited Tracking, but with the added ability to vary your track rate down to every 2 ½ minutes. Don’t miss a step with increased track rates! – FOR ACTIVATION IN CANADA –

Spot Satellite GPS Messenger (vf), Global Star - Dt Sb

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as of April 17, 2021 1:00 am
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