Maud’s Country: Landscapes that Inspired the Art of Maud Lewis


Maud Lewis stayed close to home: the rugged coastlines and gentle valleys of Nova Scotia’s southwest knew—but they provided ample material for her joyful creative spirit. Now revered as Canada’s foremost folk artist, Maud Lewis (1903-1970) transformed her world of poverty and deformity into a magical kingdom of happy children, contented animals, and a peaceful and charming rural environment.

Maud’s Country offers unique insight into the landscapes that inspired Lewis’s works and her own special way of representing them. The materials she had at hand were primitive—particleboard, crude brushes, marine or house paints. But these were all she needed to convey her message that happiness and harmony exist all around us, for those who have eyes to see.

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A unique perspective on the work of Maud Lewis, incorporating the landscapes that inspired Canada’s foremost folk artist, with photographs of the areas where Maud painted.

Maud's Country: Landscapes that Inspired the Art of Maud Lewis, Nimbus Publishing

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