goTenna Mesh Off Grid Text & GPS

  • Smart device: goTenna mesh pairs to your phone and enables it to privately relay texts and GPS locations between other goTenna devices, up to 4 miles in range.
  • Independent and free: you don’t need phone service, routers, towers or satellites to use goTenna.
  • Chat, text and GPS: our super-smart mesh protocol powers private 1-to-1, group chats or public emergency broadcasts.
  • The perfect off-grid tool: goTenna mesh is great for hiking in areas where cell service is unreliable.

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You have a phone – now create your own network! Pair this device to your phone to relay texts and GPS locations from phone to phone, no service required. You can leave devices in strategic locations to serve as stationary relay nodes (create your own pop-up mesh network!). Revolutionary mesh protocols immediately and automatically relay private 1:1 and group chats or public broadcast messages through other devices to extend beyond point-to-point range. Messages are encrypted end-to-end thanks to your smartphone’s technology. Great for groups enjoying outdoor activities, travel & crowded events; crucial for users in remote locations or preparing for emergencies to create connectivity when service is unreliable, unavailable or unaffordable.

  • Gotenna mesh pairs to your phone to privately and automatically relay texts and GPS locations between devices, no service (or routers, towers or satellites!) necessary
  • Our super-smart mesh protocol powers private 1-to-1 and group chats or public broadcasts to all nearby users
  • The perfect off-grid tool: 24-hour battery life, weatherproof, compact and light
  • Free goTenna app includes detailed offline maps for any region in the world
  • Compatible with iOS or Android devices; sold in pairs, charging cables included.


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