Doo Doo Tube – Dog Waste Bag Container

  • -Portable garbage can carries filled dog waste bags, keeping in odours and germs.
  • -Specially designed for carrying smelly dog poop bags while walking your dog.
  • -Holds loads from up to 110-pound dogs or (4) medium-sized dogs.
  • -Easy to keep clean and highly reusable. Measures 3 inches by 5 inches.
  • -Includes NEW heavy-duty key ring and carabiner to easily attach to any leash, belt loop or backpack.

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This portable garbage can carries filled dog poo bags. Walking your dog is very relaxing and enjoyable, until you have to carry the filled dog poop bag, which is very smelly and messy. Now there is an alternative the Doo Doo Tube. It’s designed specially for carrying the smelly little bags. After your dog takes care of business you simply drop the filled bag into the Doo Doo Tube. It’s made of thick plastic, weights 5oz and has a tight fitting lid that seals in the odor and hides the mess.. The tube is made big enough to easily drop in the used bags. Hold loads from 110 pound dogs or 4 dogs weighing a combined 160 pounds.. The carabiner hooks onto leash, belt loop or back pack. Once you find a garbage can empty your tube, it’s that easy. Doo Doo Tube is reusable and easy to keep clean and odor free.. Very Sanitary. Measures 3 inches wide by 5 inches tall. Weighs 5 ounces.


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