Alpha Light Utensils – Sea to Summit

  • –Individual utensils in this set have several holes punched out of the handle to reduce weight.
  • –Bottom hole on the handle is hexagonal shaped; each piece is a different size hex wrench (3mm, 4mm, 5mm).
  • –Thicker, sturdier handles than the AlphaLight series, but are still very lightweight.
  • –All pieces come with a mini carabiner.
  • –Ultralight and super-strong aircraft aluminum alloy utensil.
  • –Conforms to food safety standards.
  • –Smooth matte finish.

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     Sea to Summit stands for a culture of design perfectionists who develop ingenious, functionally beautiful products with an independent, free-thinking Australian attitude. We strive to create equipment that is nimble and light, but serious enough to deliver when called into duty. Gear that works just that little bit better, so you may find yourself inspired to take the less-traveled road more often.

Ingenious. Functional. Reliable. Unconventional. Inspiring.

     The AlphaLight Spoon, Fork & Knife cutlery set uses a durable aluminum in a sleek-yet-strong shape to create an extremely lightweight utensil. The hardened shell formed by hard anodization encapsulates the aluminum, to eliminate the risk of the alloy leaching into food.


     Each Sea To Summit AlphaLight utensil includes a carabiner for easily clipping one, or many, utensils onto your pack for easy organization and storage. Now you can clip your dinnerware onto your pack without any hassle!

ALPHALIGHT SPOON:  The AlphaLight Spoon utensil uses a durable hard-anodized aluminum making it slim and lightweight.

ALPHALIGHT FORK:  The AlphaLight Fork utensil uses a durable aluminum in a sleek-yet-strong shape to create an extremely lightweight utensil.

ALPHALIGHT KNIFE:  The AlphaLight Knife is a durable, lightweight utensil. By hard anodizing the aluminum, a kind of “exoskeleton” is formed, so the utensils can be slimmer and lighter.


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