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     My exclusive T-shirts help support local volunteer organizations who work to create, improve and maintain local trails.  I also support non-profits who work to conserve and advocate for wilderness protection around the province of Nova Scotia (and/or nationwide).  These volunteers and unsung heroes are often on the front lines of combating the climate crisis through advocacy.  Their advocacy positively influences government policy, raises public awareness and education in addition to making our priceless natural gems accessible to all visitors.

     Despite our local parks, trails and wilderness areas often being marketed as Nova Scotia’s main attractions, their funding ranges from woefully inadequate to non-existent.  It is often up to volunteer organizations to make these wilderness areas safe, inviting and enjoyable destinations for all.

     On top of building trails and improvements, these organizations build community.  Young, old, rich, poor, immigrant or native, volunteering creates an important bond with fellow citizens of varying socio-economic status.  Few things unite people the way a mutual appreciation for nature does.  These organizations bring about a confluence of good to our community’s social, physical, mental, economic & environmental health.

     Thank you for contributing to these commendable organizations.


Greg Taylor – Creator

Current Recipient:

Friends of Blue Mountain-Birch Cove Lakes Society – Halifax, NS.

     “Formed in May, 2018 and incorporated in June, 2018 to expedite the process of the formation of one of Canada’s largest, urban wilderness parks, a work-in-progress for more than 30 years.” Mission Statement: “To support and promote the creation and development of the Blue Mountain-Birch Cove Lakes Regional Park and to encourage the stewardship and appropriate use of the area”

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